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Patient Stories

I am so grateful to Kim and the team at The Center for Hand & Physical Therapy. Before coming to The Center I was experiencing debilitating pain and numbness in my hands and arms that was interfering with my daily activities and ability to hold my 2 year old daughter. Without hand therapy, I am certain I would have had to undergo surgery. Because of the exceptional services I have received over the past 6 weeks, I am now pain free and able to engage in all of the things I love. The Center is a warm and welcoming place and I highly recommend their services.
Erin C.

Kim is an exceptional hand therapist. She is enthusiastic, positive, and upbeat. When it comes to tackling the hard work of healing, she is able to clearly explain why it works to make you better. She fully believes you will succeed in regaining better and pain free functioning of your arm and hand, and works with to bring that about. She is also very good at arranging your appointments to fit your schedule. I am very pleased with the results of my own therapy.
Linda B.

Over the years I have had surgeries and have had the usual method of physical therapy after them with the use of warm and cold compresses, etc. I had not experienced manual physical therapy before this time. Nothing compares to this method. I experienced no extra pain and discomfort while the therapy was done and my ankle and knees benefited so much.

I have been a patient with Dianne Cekada since April 25, 2012. On November 18, 2012 I had an ankle fracture and the break was declared healed in December. I did not feel that the ankle was doing as well as it should have been, and I then started having Achilles tendon issues. After seeing my foot specialist, getting shots in my heel and wearing an air boot for over a month, I thought things were returning to normal. Something still seemed not quite right with my ankle.

I went to my family physician about my concerns. She referred me to Dianne and finally I found the right one to help me with my ankle issues. The tendons in the ankle had stiffened and I was not able to flex my foot properly as it would not move separately from the leg before this.

Dianne has helped me to be able to walk without ankle pain and also assisted with relieving knee pain in both knees. I was set to have a right knee replacement this October, but I have moved that surgery to the far distant future or maybe not at all. I am thrilled with my progress that I have received from her capable hands. To have less pain in my knees which are now bone on bone, I was told that a knee replacement was the only way to get relief. To find someone who could bring me relief without surgery ranks very high in my world.

I am thrilled with my progress and optimistic that my health will continue to improve. I definitely believe in the manual therapy method that Dianne is very trained in to assist with getting your health back.
I highly recommend Dianne and her abilities to assist with your medical issues.
Barbara M.

I am so extremely pleased with the treatment I and my son have received from Dianne Cekada that I felt it necessary to write this testimony about her exceptional abilities.

I began treatment with Dianne following a bus wreck. I had such extreme neck and back pain that many days I had trouble getting out of bed. I honestly dreaded coming to physical therapy. I have never heard anyone speak positively about the pain they endure trying to recover through PT, but have heard about the positive results at completion. Therefore, I decided I had no choice except to attempt to endure the pain and look forward to the end results. Fortunately for me, my doctor referred me to Dianne Cekada. Her technique is so unique and I never once felt pain during my treatment. I actually could not wait to come to my appointments because her gentle touching, holding and releasing therapy completely relieved my pain.

While she is treating you, she explains how the entire body works and helps you understand how exercise, nutrition and therapy all relate and how to improve your overall health in addition to fixing your problem. She is truly amazing and far ahead of her time.

It was only natural when my 11 year old son, Drake, was in a car-wreck last June that twisted his skeletal structure and caused back, neck, leg and heel pain, to immediately begin treatment with Dianne. She has worked with him now for six months, relieved his pain completely, encouraged him to improve his core muscles and work for overall body health, created a workout regimen specific to his needs that is fun so he will do it, and has made him better understand how to protect his body and keep it working properly. Drake loved coming to therapy. He was NEVER in pain during treatment. I did not hesitate to bring him because I knew he would not be in pain and he would enjoy the experience. He has been pain free for weeks now and appears to be fully recovered. His experience with Dianne has been life changing. He thinks before he eats, he works out daily and talks about how to stay fit. He even corrects the rest of the family on eating and workout habits.

I have referred my father, mother, two sisters, and nephew to Dianne, as well as any friend that has an injury and their children.
Melanie T.