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Post-Operative Orthopedic Care


We have decades of experience with spinal surgeries, total knee replacements, hip replacements, knee and ankle reconstructions, shoulder repairs, elbow, wrist, hand and finger fractures and tendon or ligament repairs. Our history proves our diligence with communication with doctors to ensure thorough care and follow-up. Our facility provides ample space with a positive, warm and inspiring atmosphere supplied with equipment to carry out most current concepts for strength, conditioning and function training.

Our team of specialists are conditioned to working closely together to ensure the therapist that is best suited for your needs is assigned to you. Should other physical needs be observed or discussed that you would like us to incorporate into your goals as well, we are ready and able to utilize the many resources we have to do so.

Along with your progressive exercise regimen, we integrate just the right amount and appropriate hands-on techniques for your body’s needs to restore motion with the least painful methods possible. We have advanced techniques for scar management as well. This approach improves articular balance throughout the upper or lower kinetic chain (extremities) which gives you the most ideal and lasting function possible. It also protects the repair or healing process even better as your whole extremity is working more naturally as opposed to just treating the involved joint.

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