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Spine Care


Spine care refers to treatment of pain as well as lack of motion and strength in the back or neck. These conditions could be resulting from acute injuries, cumulative trauma potentially spanning many years, accumulating disc or nerve injuries, post-surgical procedures, chronic inflammatory or degenerative conditions. The professionals at The Center offer a unique approach to thoroughly assess and treat the origin of the problem. These specific issues can then be addressed to achieve optimal alignment, improved quality of motion and improved muscle recruitment of deep trunk or cervical spine core musculature. Changing first, the structural issues of joint mechanical dysfunction or hypo-mobility stemming from any number of reasons, enables more pain free performance of progressive core conditioning and better benefit from their customized exercise program.

The innumerable tools we have to address why this is occurring to begin with, offers more for the recurring back pain patient. They include a wide variety of manual therapy procedures such as Advanced Strain Counter-strain, Neural Tension Technique, disc or ligament techniques, dural tension release procedures, indirect myofascial techniques, Muscle Energy Technique combined with Strain Counter-strain and various other types of positional release methods. Current research demonstrates significant evidence that thoroughly prescribed core strengthening ultimately is one of the keys in preventing recurrence of injury and breaking the cycle of back pain and vulnerability.

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