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Blue Water

Sports Rehabilitation


Our team of Physical and Occupational therapists and ATCs offer excellent skills for helping athletes determine exactly the cause of their problem, how to thoroughly resolve underlying factors which potentially predisposed them to risk for injury as well as prepare them for return to sport as fully as possible. We have created an environment that is inspiring and spacious for performing a variety of return to sport activity, included appropriate equipment to apply external forces in endless creative ways and facilitate balance and joint sense/quickness. Our entire staff has wisdom with health habits, nutrition and tactics for motivation. We love working with our young and not so young athletes.

Conditions we are strongly experienced in are knee and ankle sprains and strains, groin strains, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, meniscal tears, knee reconstruction, ankle tendon and ligament repairs, shoulder repairs, elbow, wrist and hand repairs or injuries of any kind, as well as post fractures throughout the body.

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