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Anyone who has experienced persistent or recurring pain and dysfunction despite a variety of treatments such as medicine, chiropractic or traditional physical therapy knows how frustrating and discouraging it can be when they maybe told they have to live with debilitating pain or there isn’t anything else that can be done for them. At the Center, we offer an array of gentle techniques that essentially work with the body without forcing joints or muscles to move or lengthen.

Our gentle approach utilizes the body’s own nervous system through a variety of positional releases and methods of hands-on soft tissue gentle facilitation or resistance techniques. This can influence tissues to release their protective mechanism, normalize function of surrounding tissues, improve motor recruitment (muscle control and firing), lessen or alleviate compromise of peripheral nerves (nerves running off of spinal cord and along the extremities) improve joint alignment and provide pain relief from a variety of sources in the body.

Techniques such as strain counter-strain and advanced strain counter-strain are just a few of these techniques that can provide significant pain relief. It has been the experience of this staff that even though other therapists claim they implement Strain Counter-strain they may very well not be fully utilizing all the strategies and map of over 200 points throughout the body which can achieve far reaching effects when performed as it is instructed and intended to be implemented. There are numerous other indirect hands-on procedures employed by our staff which has demonstrated superior results without creating more pain for the patient during their treatment.

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